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Sixty Propositions
Jane Leade 1699 England

  1. The English Prophetess, Jane Lead, lived from 1623-1704, and wrote numerous publications.There shall be a total and full redemption through Christ.
  2. This is a hidden mystery, not to be understood without the revelation of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The Holy Spirit is at hand to reveal the same to all holy seekers and loving inquirers.
  4. The completion of such redemption is withheld and obstructed by the apocalyptic seals (7).
  5. Wherefore as the Spirit of God shall open seal after seal, so shall the redemption come to be revealed particularly and universally.
  6. In this gradual opening of the mystery of redemption in Christ, doth consist the unsearchable wisdom of God, which may continually reveal new and fresh things to the worthy seekers.
  7. In order to which, the ark (of God's testimony in heaven shall be opened). Before the end of the world (age) and the living (144,000) testimony that is herein contained be unsealed.
  8. The presence of the divine ark will constitute the life of the Philadelphia church, and wherever that is, there must of necessity be the ark.
  9. The unveiling of the living testimony within the ark of the Lord must begin the promulgation of the everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom.
  10. The proclamation of this testimony of the Kingdom will be as by the sound of a trumpet to alarm all nations of the earth, especially all professors of Christianity, because attended with the power of working all wonders.
  11. There shall be an authoritative decision given forth immediately from Christ to put an end of all controversies concerning the true Church.
  12. This decision will be the actual sealing of the members of this church with the name of God, giving them a commission to act by virtue of the same. This new name will distinguish them from the 7000 names of Babylon.
  13. The election and preparation of this church is after a secret and hidden manner, as David in his minority was elected and anointed by the prophet of God, yet was not admitted to the outward possession of the kingdom for a considerable time afterward.
  14. Of the stem of Jesse, a virgin church, which hath known nothing of man or of human constitution, is yet to be born.
  15. And if it is yet to be born, it will require some considerable time before it gets out and arrives at the full and mature age.
  16. The birth of this virgin church was visionally typified to John the revelator by the great wonder in Heaven, bringing forth her first-born that was caught up to the throne of God.
  17. For as a virgin mother brought forth Jesus, the Christ, after the flesh, so likewise a virgin woman is designed by God to bring forth the first-born after the Spirit, who shall be filled with the Holy Ghost and with power.
  18. The virgin that is here designated must be as a pure spirit, so also of a clarified body, and all over impregnated with the Holy Ghost.
  19. This Church so brought and signed with the mark of the divine name shall be adorned with miraculous gifts and powers beyond what as been.
  20. Hereby all nations shall be brought into it so that it shall be the catholic church according to the genuine sense and utmost latitude of the word.
  21. It must be an anointed church whereby it may bear the name of Christ or Christian, being with him anointed to the priestly prophetical and royal dignity.
  22. Hence there will be no bonds or impositions but the holy unction among the newborn spirits with all and in all.
  23. This catholic and anointed church must be perfectly holy so that it may worthily bear the name of the Lord, our righteousness.
  24. Until there be such a church made ready upon earth so holy, catholic, anointed, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, so that it is adorned as a Bride to meet the Bridegroom, Christ will not personally descend to solemnize this marriage and present the same to His Father.
  25. But when this bridal church shall be made ready and thoroughly cleansed and sanctified from every spot of defilement through the blood of Christ then He will no longer delay His coming.
  26. There is not this day visible on all the earth any such holy catholic anointed church, all others being found light when weighed in the balance, therefore they are rejected by the supreme Judge.
  27. Which rejection and condemnation will for this end take out of them, a new and glorious church in whom there shall be no fault to be found.
  28. Then shall the glory of God and the Lamb rest upon it, as the cloud upon the typical tabernacle, that it shall be called the tabernacle of wisdom.
  29. Though this Philadelphia church is not known in visibility, yet it may be hid at the present in the womb of the morning.
  30. Notwithstanding it will be brought forth into visibility out of the wilderness in a short time.
  31. Then it will go on to multiply and propagate itself universally, not only as the number of the first-born (144,000) but also the remnant of the seed (aliens), and strangers, against whom the dragon shall make war.
  32. Therefore the Spirit of David shall most eminently revive in this church, and more especially in some or other selected member of it, as the blossoming root is to precede the day of Solomon in the millennium. These will have might given them to overcome the dragon and his angels, even as David overcame Goliath and the Philistines.
  33. This will be the standing up of Michael the great Prince of Israel, and will be as the appearance of Moses against pharaoh, in order that the chosen seed may be brought out of their hard servitude.
  34. Egypt being a figure of this servile creation Babylon, under which each one of Abraham's seed groan, but a prophetical generation will the Most High raise up, who shall deliver his people by mere force of spiritual arms.
  35. For which there must be raised up certain head powers to bear the first offices, who are the persons of great eminence and favor with the trinity, whose dread and fear shall fall upon all nations, visible and invisible, because of the mighty acting power of the Holy Ghost which shall rest upon them.
  36. For Christ before His own distinct and personal appearance, will first appear and represent Himself in some chosen vessels, anointed to be leaders unto the rest, and to bring into the promised land the new creation state.
  37. Thus Moses, Joshua and Aaron may be considered as types of some upon whom the same Spirit may come, yet to rest in greater proportions, whereby they shall make a way for the ransomed of the Lord to return to Mt. Zion.
  38. But none shall stand in any considerable office under God, but they who are tried stones, after the pattern of the chief cornerstone, Christ Jesus.
  39. This will be a thorny trial which very few (144,000) will be able to pass, or bear up in, wherefore the waiters for the visible breaking out of this church, are strictly charged to hold fast that which they have, and wait together in unity of pure love, praying in the Spirit according to the apostolic pattern, that they may be sent forth to multiply universally.
  40. This trial must be of absolute necessity to everyone in particular and to all in general for the constituting of the church of Philadelphia together, by the clearing away of all the remaining infirmities of nature, and burning up all the hay, stubble and dross which may have been added to the Word of the Lord.
  41. For nothing must remain in this church but what can remain in the fire, Holy Ghost. For as a refiner will the Lord purify the sons and daughters of the living God, and purge them into perfect righteousness.
  42. Through the operation of the Spirit in these waiters, they may for a long time contend with many infirmities and evils, yet if it be kept continually warm and watched it cannot at last but work out a perfect cure and bring a full and complete redemption from the earth.
  43. There may be some at present living who may come to be thus fully and totally redeemed having another body put on them, i.e., after the priestly order.
  44. This priestly, anointed body will render them impregnable, and qualify them for that high degree of spiritual government to which they are called.
  45. Wherefore it requires upon our part to suffer the spirit of burning to do upon us the refining work, fanning us with His fiery breath, searching every part within us until all be pure and clean, and we thereby arrive to His fixed body from which wonders are to flow out.
  46. This body will be the sealing character of the Philadelphia church.
  47. Upon this body will be the fixation of the Urim and Thummim, that are to be appropriated to the Melchisedecan order whose decent is not to be counted in the genealogy of that creation (under the fall), but is another genealogy which is from the restoration.
  48. Hence these priests will have a deep inward search, and a divine insight into the secret things of the Deity, and will be able to prophesy on clear ground, not darkly and enigmatical, for they will know what is couched in the first originality of all being and the eternal archetype of nature, and will be capacitated to bring them forth according to the divine council and ordination.
  49. The Lord, whose hand is lifted up, sweareth in truth and righteousness that from Abraham's loins, according to the spirit, there shall arise a holy priesthood.
  50. Abraham and Sarah were a type of that which should be produced and manifested in the last age of the world.
  51. The mighty spirit of Cyrus is appointed to lay the foundation of the true temple and to support it in its building.
  52. These are such characteristics, or marks, whereby the pure virgin church, so founded, shall be certainly known and distinguished from all others, and whereby the action and true sound of the Holy Ghost shall be discerned from that which is false, base, counterfeit.
  53. There must be a manifestation of the Spirit whereby to edify and raise up this church suitable to the ascension of Jesus Christ.
  54. This manifestation must be the absoluteness of power and in the beauty of holiness, so bringing down heaven upon earth and representing here the New Jerusalem State.
  55. In order to which, spirits that are thus purely begotten, conceived and born of God, can ascend to Jerusalem above, where their head in mighty majesty doth reign, and there receive such a mission whereby they shall be empowered to bring down to this world its transcendent glory.
  56. None but those risen in Christ in the regeneration can thus ascend and receive His glory; can descend again to communicate the same, being thereby His representatives upon the new earth and subordinate priests under Him, the Lord of lords, and King of kings.
  57. Now He that ascended and glorified has made himself our debtor, consequently He will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high principle instruments who shall be most humble and as little regarded as Daniel was, he whom He will dignify with great knowledge and priestly sovereignty for the drawing together in one, the scattered little flock into one fold, coming out of all nations.
  58. Therefore there should be a holy emulation and ambition stirred up among all true lovers of Jesus so that they may be the first fruits unto Him that is risen from the dead, and so be made principle agents for Him and with Him that they may be, if possible, members of the first-born of Jerusalem above, our Mother.
  59. All lovers of Jesus and true waiters for His Kingdom under whatsoever professions or forms that are dispersed ought to be members among the Philadelphia Spirit to whom this message pertains.
  60. The society is not the church of Philadelphia, but consists of those who are associated to wait and hope in the unity of the Spirit for its appearance and manifestation, wherefore there is such a strict charge given them throughout this message to be watchful and quicken up their pace.

The English Prophetess, Jane Leade, lived from 1623-1704, and wrote numerous publications of great depth, detailing the preparation for the coming Kingdom of God on Earth for the 1000-year millennium period, in which Christ would reign upon earth within His people. She would found the Philadelphian Society in 1652, which would coincide with a John Wroe communication of 1854, that the visitation was then 200 years old.

Though Jane Leade is not given in the number 7 of the Latter-day messengers counting from Joanna Southcott, yet her work was revisited most wonderfully in Sister Mary Purnell's latter two books, The Book of Heaven (1939) and the Book of Paradise (1944). In the tradition of Joanna, Wroe, and Jezreel, Mary received communications that were recorded and later put into book form. Throughout her last two books, Mary was given, with exacting words, numerous passages and entire paragraphs from Jane Leade's visitation experience of over 270 years before.

In the listings on the Literature Page you will find her Ascent To the Mount of Vision, 1699. This small booklet was published at Mary's City of David, which also contains the above Sixty Propositions. The entire text of the Propositions was also formerly printed in the 6th Church, The New and Latter House of Israel.

November, 1999 Mary's City of David.

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Jane Lead On-Line Manuscripts

For the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy *
Revelation 19:10

The Three Hundred Years of Enoch
revisited in the Latter Day
from Jane Leade, 1652 to Mary Purnell, 1952


From the founding of the Philadelphian Society at London in 1652 by Jane Leade, through the last full year of Mary Purnell's life in 1952 constitutes the latter-day visitation within the movement that is today referred to as Christian-Israel. Jane Leade would write and publish 21 manuscripts from 1681 through 1704, which is a prophetic forecast within her consistent theme: the revelation-instruction in the manner of the return of Christ. Though largely forgotten and set aside, her influence upon noted religious societies cannot be denied and should not be under estimated. Her readers in the following 18th and 19th century and continuing today in Mary's City of David were Mother Anne Lee's Shakers, George Rapp's Harmonists, Jacob Hutter's Hutterites, Jacob Boehme, the Ephrata Cloister and the Amana communities. In the English line of her readers in the following centuries were the followers of Joanna Southcott, 1792-1814, and her prophetic and doctrinal descendants. Five church organizations spanning the 19th century in its international dispersion would root and grow in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. The Seventh of Joanna's doctrinal descendants, the Israelite House of David, would be founded at the dawn of the 20th century. " Prophecy and say concerning the Book of Revelation that it is the visitation that was given to Joanna Southcott, the mother of the new creation. All the churches are in her seed; the seed which believed in her are become seven churches. "John Wroe 5th messenger, Society of Christian Israelites, Private Word, vol.1, pg. 188. James Jezreel's New and Latter House of Israel (6th Church) published Jane Leade's "60 Propositions" (1881-1900) as did the Israelite House of David in the early 20th century. Mary Purnell, co-founder of the House of David, 1903, would reorganize and found Mary's City of David in 1930. She would publish, "Ascent To the Mount of Vision", in which are a number of Jane Leade tracts from the 1690s, including the "60 Propositions", in 1932. Mary Purnell's publications span the years from 1910 through 1944 in a series called The Comforter, The Mother's Book, in six volumes. Volumes 1-4 were written by Mary at the House of David while her final two Comforters, The Book of Heaven, 1939 and the Book of Paradise, 1944, were given orally in the tradition of Southcott, John Wroe and some of James and Esther Jezreel's testament. The latter two books by Mary Purnell decidedly stand above and apart from her former four imprints. The Book of Paradise is of particular interest in regards to the doctrinal lineage from Jane Leade and is the subject text to which this article is particularly addressed.

My first readings of the House of David literatures began in 1971. I had read Mary's first four Comforters and several articles by Jane Leade upon my arrival to Mary's City of David in 1974. When becoming a member in this community in January, 1977, I had then read the latter two Comforters and other tracts from Jane Leade. My curiosity was perked as I noticed the numerous similarities of texts in the Book of Paradise and the same found in Jane Leade writings, which led me to question one of the lead Trustees, Eunice Bond. Exact quotes, phrases, sentences and almost complete paragraphs wherein a word or two differed, but not altering an intended meaning. I was so pleased that I had opportunity to question and to have a responsible and knowledgeable witness in the process of Mary Purnell's oral communications that would be collected and published in 1944. Eunice Bond had come from Christchurch, New Zealand in March, 1933. The communications that would be published as the Book of Heaven, in 1939 began somewhere in 1934-35. My accounting is from a vivid and warm memory of Sister Eunice's report.


On the second floor of her "Shiloh" administration building, Mary had set aside a little northwest corner sitting room about 8 0r 9 ft. square; enough room for several chairs and a small writing desk. She would call it her "Isle of Patmos". Her several years of recorded membership meetings from late1946 through mid1948, what became known as, "The 700 Nights" were held in the Shiloh first floor meeting parlour and written by Francis Thorpe, her chief lieutenant of many years. For the oral communications in the Isle of Patmos, Mary chose two colony sisters, Jennie Martin and Goldie Hansen to be the recorders. Mary would call upon the two sisters without plan of days or hours; and for most of a decade they would be summoned to meet her at her calling, to write as fast as it came through her lips. They used pencils on bound note book, blank sheets of ledger size. All of these recordings of that period are now housed at Hamilton College Library, as part of the Mary and Benjamin Purnell Collection. The process to publishing included several other members that could be available. Arnold Nell, who had typed the manuscript of the 4th Comforter at the old colony around 1928, was again chosen to type out the scripts. But first the scribbled note pads were taken to Sister Eunice to be put in order with punctuation, paragraphing and caps. Eunice would not erase anything on the paper, only crossing through and penciling in the needed corrections. The recorders had never time to render this, while writing with all haste to capture all of the words as fast as they came. Upon Eunice's completion the scripts were then sent onto Arnold Nell for typing into article format. Eunice told me that at times she was perplexed with how something should be punctuated to get a correct meaning or sometimes a word was questioned as to its rightful place. She went to Mary for direction as both Jennie and Goldie were totally absorbed only in their task to capture it all. Eunice said that she would ask Mary, upon reading the communications back to her, if it was this way or perhaps that. Mary's response was, that she didn't know, "You know Eunice." During that period, Fern Baxter (coming in 1935), a present member today, recalled Mary saying how anxious and exited she would be awaking each morning, not knowing when or what revelations she would be given that day. The colony knew there was something very special happening up on the second floor compartment room of Shiloh. By 1936 some of the articles were being published separately in the monthly, New Shiloh Messenger paper which enjoyed an international circulation. The communications would continue, but sometime during or after 1939 the language and depth changes noticeably. The completion of the oral communications that became the articles for the Book of Heaven would be complete with this change in tone and voice; the ongoing stream of communications then would constitute the Book of Paradise, from 1940 through 1944. As the Book of Heaven differs greatly from the first four Comforters, so the Book of Paradise stands as its own book after the fifth.

This same may be observed in Benjamin Purnell's last set of writings in six volumes. The first three, The Rolling Ball of Fire are of a decidedly different nature than the latter three volumes, The Flaming Ball of Fire.

The process and the individuals did not change from recorders to typist. All articles thus formatted would be read back to Mary as a final proofing in her approval before taken to the print shop.

I was assured in myself that the exactness of the texts between Jane Leade's writing and Mary Purnell's oral communications was in fact through the same ministering Spirit, for Jane to write what Mary had exactly spoken almost three hundred years later.

During the years of 1977-78 I recognized yet another view of Mary's wonderful exactness in communications. I had been reading the Flaming Ball of Fire, in volume six, while I also was assisting Sister Eunice in proof reading the monthly paper articles. One article that I proofed, by Mary, was from the Book of Heaven entitled, Springs of Wisdom, pg. 203. As I proofed the article, I was immediately familiar with the wording and knew that I had read the same quite recently. I decided to look through my recent readings in the Ball of Fire, volume six. Having spent some time in effort, I found the same texts on pages 83 through 85, with one paragraph added into the Ball of Fire (1925) article not given to Mary (probably 1937-38) in the context of her communication. The communication covers 4 paragraphs, spanning three pages of text written by Benjamin over a decade before, almost completely word for word, saving two word changes. Mary's communication does not take up with Benjamin's article, The Figure Seven, at its start, nor conclusion, but picks up and leaves off in mid paragraph.

"Seven years we were writing the Star of Bethlehem, walking from place to place, sitting down under shade trees talking and writing this beautiful book; and sometimes when we arrived to a town Benjamin would be so full of those beautiful points he would write them down and I would leave him in the room and go out alone and hold meetings. Alone and not alone, because the Spirit of the Lord was with me and that was the preacher. And on one occasion well do I remember, I went to a sister's house to do some cooking for over Sunday, and we got to talking on the faith, and when I returned back to the room, to my surprise, Benjamin brought out his paper that he had been writing while I was away and read to me almost the same identical words that I had said." Mary and Benjamin's Travels, pg. 6

During the early 1990s I received a letter from a Christian non-denominational group in California introducing themselves and asking for information on our organization and beliefs. I returned to them a selection of rudimentary booklets and decided to also include our Jane Leade booklet, Ascent to the Mount of Vision. Over the next few months they would send to me more inquiries and also their monthly newsletter/doctrinal piece. About three months forward, they sent their newsletter, in which was included a portion from the Jane Leade booklet that I had forwarded to them, but, without crediting the author. I was quite perturbed and wrote to them immediately with objections to printing Jane Leade's material without an introductory to her and credits. The correspondence quickly deteriorated and finally I refused to answer anything further from them; which soon came to an end. Lead is a web site that has placed all of the available Jane Leade manuscripts on-line for the world to read and download for their own personal usage. In the forward to the site's comprehensive collection is a "Fair Warning! to the readers of Jane Lead". It seems that my experience with the California pseudo-christians is not uncommon. Apparently there is another web site using Jane materials for their own benefit, having used downloaded files from Pass The Word.

THE DISCOVERY of Jane Leade's lost manuscript, completed just months before her death in 1704, and its subsequent placement with the other earlier manuscripts from 1681 forward on Pass The Word prompted my immediate interest.

I read with delight, a manuscript lost to the original English version for over 300 years but found in a "high Dutch" translation of 1705 in the year 2000. The reverse translation back into its original tongue finally was placed on-line in June of 2010. It once again kindled an old excitement in reading Jane Leade. I read the manuscript and found several instances of Mary Purnell's harmonics with Jane Leade, but more often using the same symbols and terminologies. Obviously, Mary could not have received her harmonic sentences from a manuscript that was not available until some 57 years after her passing.

I then proceeded to read Jane Leade's first manuscript, The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking, 1681, in its second and revised edition of 1701. To my delight, the exactness in frequency throughout this manuscript of what was given orally to Mary in the early 1940s was now an overwhelming power. In my first reading of the Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking, I came across a particular paragraph that I have so enjoyed in Mary's Book of Paradise. I then found and placed both literatures side by side and in the comparison, found they were almost word for word. Looking upon the Pass The Word, on-line print out, this will be at the top of page 5 of 34. Looking at Mary's Book of Paradise, this would begin on page 84, from the end of the third paragraph, throughout the fourth and into the beginning of the final on that page. It is truly amazing. And, as I proceeded to read through the entire Jane Leade manuscript, I found this exactness throughout, in phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs. My first reading of the Book of Paradise was in December, 1974. I have almost read the covers (now tattered and taped together) off the book in reading it through several dozen times since.


Now, to arrest any fears of a clever cover-up upon the colony's part, in regards to Mary Purnell having orally given her books of Heaven and Paradise, I decided to act the part of an inquisitor.

Like Mother Anne Lee's Shakers, Jane Leade manuscripts are found in early collections of its society members. In Mary's City of David archives, scattered throughout colony members and vacant rooms, that I began to assemble first as a library in 1991-92, in which collecting was found a small box of "Photostat" copies (black background, white lettering) from the British Museum, London, containing several Jane Leade manuscripts and portions of her writings. In this box are several pieces of the correspondence between Miss Jennie Martin (one of Mary's recorders) and the British Museum. All of this is also now held at Hamilton College Library as the result of a complete duplication of the collections at Mary's City of David for the Burke Library at Hamilton. The Correspondence was dated between August, 1939 and April, 1941, coinciding with the time period that Mary was given her early communications that became the Book of Paradise. The contents of this box were purchased by the colony during the wartime years; one correspondence states the receiving of the "Laws of Paradise in January, 1941. How many manuscript photostat copies were purchased is not known. 6 manuscript pieces are in the record with only one record of monetary transaction. The only complete manuscript is, The Revelation of Revelations, from 1683. The Fountain of Gardens, 1699, is only one portion of all parts, and is incomplete, beginning on page 17. The Tree of Faith, 1696, stops with page 222. There is no record of receiving The Ascent to the Mount of Vision, 1699, though the colony reprinted this entirely by April, 1932, and was, after Mary's fourth Comforter, the second printing of length in her reorganization. There is no record of having obtained a copy of the Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking from the British Museum, nor has it been found, to date, in the colony Shiloh archives; excepting one copy of its 1891hand-copy, found in a member's collection.

Without any written document or an oral accounting, what happened to the missing portions from the photostats sent from the British Museum and how many actually were sent is yet unknown. My best guess, having lived within this community now 38 years, is that the collection from the British Museum was opened freely to the membership to read and return or perhaps keep. Where these might have finally ended or perhaps we will yet find some shards or scraps tucked away in places that have not been occupied or used in many years.

The next step in pursuit of justice was to find at Hamilton the original recorder's scribbled note pads directly taken orally from Mary Purnell, all dated at the top. Having not found, to date, any copy or photostat copy of the Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking at the colony is of weighty importance. Can I find, the subject texts of exact comparison at Burke Library as later formatted into Mary's article covering page 84? Thanks to Burke Library assembling the note pad scribble sheets chronologically, I was able to find the script in only a 15 minute search, dated Feb.4-1941. Beginning on the third page of the sheets through the top of the next page, it was as I expected, word for word, as later printed into the Book of Paradise article, He Shall Appear to Your Joy; and word to word in The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking, 1681 and1701, second edition.


Having a foreknowledge, through Sister Eunice Bond's account of the process from oral recordings to publication of Mary's last two books, I was secure in my trust. Having now before myself (on behalf of all unbelievers) the evidence supporting and proving that security in trust, I now must lay to rest the service of the inquisitor and finally quiet any further objections towards such an illumination. The continual thread of the Spirit of Truth into the latter day to "guide you into all truth and shew you things to come." A prophetic Spirit, the testimony of Jesus Christ.*

We, of living faith, look upon scriptures as divine; believing with good reason, they were received through the ministering of a divine agent. John 16:13-14. Jesus wrote no testament. "For the prophecy came not in old times by the will of man: but holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." 2 Peter 1:20-21.

As Benjamin Purnell spoke in recorded colony meetings around 1906-08, "The Spirit that leadeth, goeth far beyond the written word."

"If we no longer had the Bible, but only the Spirit of Truth, would that not be enough?"


In the beginning, was the Word. The scriptures we have, came from the living administration of the divine agent, Spirit of Truth, which is the whole body of the scriptures: the written, those commanded to be sealed and for the latter-day to be revealed. Again, from Benjamin Purnell, He who gave the scripture is here (ever-present) to unseal the scriptures, which is the Revelation.

By the same Spirit that Jane Lead wrote, did Mary Purnell orally receive, 260 years later.

R. James Taylor, Trustee
Mary's City of David
29 December 2011

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