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Royal Law of Christ

Mary Purnell, circa 1920

Royal Law of Christ -- Sister Mary Purnell, 1944

Here follows the Divine opening of the reign of the Kingdom of Love dwelling in heavenly places, there to reign in love, not alone but must seek it orderly, for her fellow members even when rejected and fought against; for this is the new Gospel Law so urged and pressed by Jesus Christ and His apostles in their day; knowing it was the only means to plant us again in our own pure, Eternal, begotten state where nothing but perfect love was known.

Oh, this is of such importance and so weighty that I cannot find words to express it. It brings forth the Divine sweetness that is to be found in it when it comes as a conqueror, as having been tried by God Himself and by our own fellow disciples, which is more piercing than any trial from others; yet all this will not quench the right Spirit which is mingled with the Godhead flames of love.

It is so strong that it works over all choking and water floods that could not drown it, thus having given a most true, experienced account, according to how the Kingdom of Love comes to reign in dominion for all shaking of this pure Just Spirit, which is rooted and fastened into it, as an invisible rock.

As in reference to God, the beginning of Love, so likewise toward all my fellow members growing up in their various degrees in this body of love; fulfilling that Royal Law which is to love one another, from a pure heart, with that wonderful love wherein God our Father has loved us; who causes our love to enter into our enmity and thereby slay it, thus causing this enemy, Satan, to be our servant.

Charity that is begotten of God in us, will suffer, bear and raise up a conqueror who has power to cast out legions of evil spirits, like unto Jesus Christ. Then we shall behold Israel clothed in their right mind, for Christ has come to condemn sin in the flesh; yea, the very root and source of all evil, and we shall thereby know the falling away of the man of sin eternally.

The great God of Love sinks the enemy--Satan and all of his followers into the bottomless lake from whence he can never rise any more, and it must be said: This is a rare and wonderful thing indeed, but is it attainable at this time of mortality?  Yea assuredly, or else the Lord Jesus Christ would never have urged it and commanded it so freely, both in leaving it as His last charge and summing up the whole law of perfection, in love to God and our fellow members; preaching the same doctrine by His Spirit in the Apostles after His ascension, according as it is by St. John and St. Paul; abundantly recorded in their epistles. You will find that preeminence is put upon this gift, more than all others.

Now the Holy Ghost brings in Charity--more excellent than them all, and the Holy Inspiration thus opened it--that Charity is of that high extraction so purely descended that no defiled thing can ever enter it. Its consistency is an invisible body, as thin as air, as piercing as a flame, an all moving action and vigorous Spirit of power and Life, that can go in and out as the invisible breath which no mortal eye can see; only its force can be felt as a sapphire heat, that burns as a refining fire wherein it can mingle with the Holy Ghost.

This is the true and faithful description of the perfect thing called by the Apostles, Charity. Wherever this comes it makes all imperfect things flee before it, but it strengthens and confirms every just, and ascended spirit that is own by His Holy Spirit; and makes them appear above ground, which have long lain burdened under it.

It is the Rose of Sharon, the paradisiacal spring that protects the whole, transmitting all into one entire body of love that doth extend and give forth itself in all spiritual bountifulness according to high nature and property.

It is not shut up in itself nor considers as to what it possesses and enjoys; it holds nothing in property whatsoever its lot is; but all is free to the disciples of the same descent and birth with Himself, the Holy One of Israel. His love cannot withhold from any their necessities, for it seeketh not its own.

Then it also hath a virtuous power, as made to inherit the best of riches and substance of the everlasting Kingdom; to convey and distribute this wonderful and excellent treasure and to impart to impoverished souls, to relieve them who are in great distress, which power can pass in us, as a high healing balm to heal the wounded; for this love is a ministering flame unto the holy possessors of humility and is as the open door.

Charity is furnished with all sorts and stores. It is God's steward upon earth, whom He doth trust with the care of His household, who are in spiritual hunger. It is the most infallible truth that God will appoint such a Holy overseer in His Newborn Church that shall receive the Apostolic Spirit and power that has been lost out of the earth.

It shall rise as a bright Morning Star and multiply itself into a generation that will be all lovely, in which God may see himself, for which end the Kingdom and dominion is already come into some, where, in this wonderful day in which our son of man will again appear in the heavens for the delivering up of the Kingdom to the Father, that so God, who is love, may be all and in all.

In order to this accomplishment of this last and finishing mystery, there shall arise a Melchisedec Priesthood which shall know the way, for this is the most clear and understanding witness of Truth when Light and revelation meet together, carrying power and authority with it.

But to return to the present things, what can be said sufficiently of it, wherein the reign of love shall meet together and spread itself as a net to gather in for the Divine Kingdom, for joy and happiness will reign throughout one Eternal Day. For there is no God in all the earth but in Israel, and I am His servant.

An article published in the volume, The Book of Paradise, 1944, by Sister Mary, an article so illuminating the Spirit of the apostolic order that shall be the Governor and Councilor for the Millennium of the reign of Christ on earth, in the re-creation of the estate of Heaven that Adam fell from, and that Christ's return to earth is to restore.

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