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Mary's City of David Museum, Tours and Events will host "Dining in the Colony, 1935" Vegetarian Luncheon on AUGUST 30th at Noon.

AUGUST 30 'Dining in the Colony, 1935' Vegetarian lunch (noon) It is re-living a childhood memory of 80 years ago. Your parents brought you along as invited guests to dine with their colony friends. You will be walking into a setting of rustic of colony-made chairs and an assembly of colony made tables upon which is placed for you an array of mixed and unmatched dishware that might have come from a distant land, turned into the commonwealth by new arrivals to the community. It is 1935. It is in the depths of the Great Depression and the devastating dust storms on the Great Plains. Mary's Reorganized House of David is in its fifth year and has not only survived its daunting task of building a new community, but has flourished and become a stable success in a number of new businesses. You will dine as did the colony members with a meal common to daily menus from the colony kitchens for this season with fruits and vegetables from colony farms. You will hear the stories from some of the chairs and tables. You will hear the talk of what is going on in the colony that year and the great success story of its traveling base ball team. You will also hear some of what is becoming world history for that year, 1935 The meal is 15.00 which will include a free pass to the museum that opens at 1 PM. The guided walking tour from the museum at 1:30 PM is an additional 4.00. If you are interested in the guided walking tour, it is suggested that you reserve space on the walking tour, which is also open to the general public on a first-come-first-serve basis. Space on the tour is limited. Reservations with pre-pay is required. You may call for further information/directions (269) 925-1601; M-F; 1-5 PM.

"Dining in the Colony, 1935" is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC by RESERVATION. The event begins at Noon and will last approximately 1 hour for dining and an historic review of the dining facility, the chosen menu of the day and history of the colony's agriculture, resort and restaurants spanning sixty-seven years, from 1908 through 1975.

The meal cost is $15.00, which also includes a free pass to the museum, that opens after the meal, at 1PM.

ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE PRE-PAID for a confirmation and to reserve seating. We cut off reservations at 30. We urge people to call early for reservations and to secure their seat with pre-payment.

There will be a guided walking tour from the museum beginning at 1:30 PM, which is an additional $4.00. You may reserve a place on the walking tour (that is also open to the public and can sell out quickly) or pay at the museum on the day of, at 1 PM, if space is still available.

For further information or to make a reservation:
Email or call (269) 925-1601
Monday-Friday, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Label from the famous Silver Queen artesian wells. Label predates 1920, for a one gallon water jug.

The tables and chairs; table service of silverware, plate and glassware are original from Mary's Vegetarian Restaurant on Britain Avenue. The dining setting will be within the quaint and beautiful Gate of Prayer Synagogue building (1938) that is a part of the Museum and Tours at Mary's City of David, and is decorated in 1930's and 40's advertising, News and popular culture prints of the period. Located on Spring Lane just south of 1158 E. Britain Avenue. Signs will be posted.

Table water will be provided fresh from the Silver Queen Spring at Eastman Springs. In fact, ALL beverages and refreshments will be made from the famous Silver Queen Spring water. The Silver Queen Spring was developed in 1883.

July 31, 2005 Mary's City of David hosted a Jewish group as a reunion tour for the participants. Most of the attendees had been children in the Jewish resort at Mary's in the late 1940s and 1950s. It was a lovely day of warm memories and great programmes that celebrated the Jewish haven hosted by a Christian community that spanned 1930-1965. The Syngogue built in 1938 was being used for Jewish services at the resort through 1976. Today, beautifully restored it is the facility for the 'Welcome Back to 1934' vegetarian meal programmes.

With the price of the meal comes a free pass to the Museum, access to the gift shop and the lovely Eastman Springs nature trail. We offer a Guided Walking Tour from the Museum, at 1:30 PM, for an additional fee, of $4.00.

Our Calendar of Events and Special Tours began filling very early; leaving few dates open on the calendar. This looks to be one of our biggest seasons for Museum, Base Ball and Special Events/Tours! We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you!

1934 Vegetarian Cookbook - 4th Edition

Mary's City of David has re-printed the original1934 Vegetarian Cookbook into its 4th Edition. This is a new format that is all inclusive of the 141 page original manuscript with its forward and preface, but also 44 photo images that illuminate the history of the House of David Vegetarian restaurants and the many aspects that supported them and colony enterprises that made them so successful for over 60 years. This current printing is a very attractive and colorful book that takes the ingredients and puts them into an historic context and time frame.

1934 Vegetarian Cookbook 4th Edition

This edition has a numbered, 100 copy printing for 2008, and is soft cover with 197 pages, including an historic over view Forward to the present edition.

This is a hand made volume revealing the recipes that were popular for most of the 20th Century and showcasing the unique "taste" of the Israelite House of David's longstanding presence in southwestern Michigan and its many contributions to the wealth of the regional history.

Please visit our Gift Shop page for more information!

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